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Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014 – UPDATED


Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014… ┬ájust happened to look at “who is online” and Wupass was there.

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18 Years – Thanks Wupass


After 18 long years, the Novaworld Community waves goodbye and wishes Wupass the best of luck in the future.

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=EVL= Cleanses.. Finally From NovaCommand Pressure


The EvilDoers Voxel Lord Cleanses Non Staff From Squad…

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Delta Force Angel Falls Alpha Kit – One Year Later



Novalogic announced it’s Delta Force Angel Falls Alpha one year ago…. what has happened since?

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Novalogic’s Response To DF/JO Confusion

official response

Well, I figured it would be worth the effort to contact Wupass (Jason Tull) over at Novaworld to get a response regarding the confusion about Angel Falls and whether it’s a Delta Force or Joint Operations title.

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