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Angel Falls Project – Horses


Remember that colorful screenshot we all saw back in 2008 showing a number of horses running with saddles on?

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Part 2: Concept Art Within Concept Art?


Hey NovaCommand fans, just thought I would add this small update concening the story we ran on Novalogic’s image that was first posted by them on their facebook page.

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No Watermark Concept Art – Angel Falls

featured image concept art

Got this concept image from the code of the Joint Ops Angel Falls Blog. No watermark here, just a 2012 copyright code bottom right. Novalogic has used this image as a background on twitter, but with a heavy watermark. It’s not a new image, but the nice part is now we can see it in full view, without watermarks.

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Part 2. DF/JO Confusion… Is This The Soon To Be Announced Blog?


Well…. where do I start? Perhaps you should read this article just to refresh yourself,  or if you haven’t been in the loop, please read this article so you’ll at least have a clue!

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Concept Art? Render? In Game Screen? You Decide


Well, this photo was posted on Novalogic’s facebook page back in early spring of 2012. Is this pure concept art, a render, or a screenshot? Or is it a mixture of everything? You decide. Let us know your opinions!

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