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@NovalogicInc Tweets @NovaCommandNews


Novacommand News tweeted today regarding our latest story about Mr. Garcia’s new venture in a company called Disruptive Technologies. In our tweet we tagged @Novalogicinc . A while later we noticed a response from Novalogic…. well sort of.

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Novacommand Causes Scharnhorst To Delete Videos

Party video removed

Novacommand Causes Scharnhorst To Delete YouTube Videos… more hiding in the cave for Nova employees…

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5th Poll Completed – Results Tablutated


Check out the results of the 5th poll at Novacommand. What New Game Would You Like To See From Novalogic The Most?

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You’re Welcome Novalogic…?

you are welcome

Interesting response from Novalogic on facebook….

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