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Delta Force Mobile – Look Back At Mobile Game


Here Is The Trailer For Delta Force Based Off DFBHD released by Vivendi Games in 2007. I Believe They Released A Couple Mobile Delta Force Games…

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CEO of Novalogic Endorsed For Social Gaming?


Novalogic CEO John Garcia is endorsed by one person for social gaming. What is this about?

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Quick Follow Up: Comanche 4 Iphone


Here is a quick follow up to our story on the comanche 4 iphone game which was shelved by marketing. Novalogic was going to license the comanche  name to gameloft for developement of a mobile game.

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Gameloft/Novalogic Leave Comanche Grounded

ingame copy

Flashback: Summer 2010. Novalogic posts a graphic on it’s homepage of what appears to be an iPhone with a comanche helicopter on the screen. See photo below:

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