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Mr. Garcia Updated LinkedIn Pic And Title


Mr. Garcia has updated his linkedin profile picture and also added chairman in addition to his title as CEO.

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Director of Design, Alpha Testing, Console Control Schemes, Updated Graphics Exposed


Raven (Brent Houston) Director of Design at Novalogic is looking to work for a “stable” company…..

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Novalogic Goes Deaf


Novalogic’s Scott Lee aka Dezacrator gone as of September 2010…

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CEO of Novalogic Endorsed For Social Gaming?


Novalogic CEO John Garcia is endorsed by one person for social gaming. What is this about?

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DFAF News – Cats Outta The Bag


Are you familiar with the user DFAF News on Novaworld? Do you wonder who it is? Let’s explore DFAF News, unlocked!

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