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Novalogic’s Core Squeezed


Novalogic’s still in business surprisingly, even as it’s core team dwindles …

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Novalogic Served – Received By Wupass

delta force activision trademark battle

Here are two more documents, one of “Proof of Service” for summons on the counterclaims of Activision Publishing, Inc.

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DFAF News – Cats Outta The Bag


Are you familiar with the user DFAF News on Novaworld? Do you wonder who it is? Let’s explore DFAF News, unlocked!

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Community Voice – Take Action Now!


Have you ever posted something on Novaworld that simply got buried by trolls or nonsense posts? Have you been keeping your thoughts to yourself rather then posting on Novaworld? I am sure we’ve all become frustrated at times because you have something that needs to be read by someone who can make a difference. Get your voice heard…

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Novalogic’s Response To DF/JO Confusion

official response

Well, I figured it would be worth the effort to contact Wupass (Jason Tull) over at Novaworld to get a response regarding the confusion about Angel Falls and whether it’s a Delta Force or Joint Operations title.

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