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Disruptive Technology and Gaming


Here you will find a video from the fall of 2013 with a discussion on “disruptive technology” and how it is related to gaming.

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Disruptive Technologies – It’s Real – Don’t Fool Yourself


Disruptive Technologies – an offshoot company that emerged in 2007 must of been hidden pretty well because people have only heard about them recently.

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NovaLogic Inc Hardware Updates For NovaWorld


NovaLogic Inc Hardware Updates – Things Should Be Back By Weekend

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Violence Of Action Trademark Dead


Violence Of Action Trademark Dead. Abandoned By NovaLogic Inc. April 8th, 2013….

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Scott Lee – Volition Inc (Summoner History)


Here Is  A Great Audio Interview With Scott Lee (former NovaLogic audio/music director) . This Interview Is About Volition Inc and Scott’s Work on Summoner..

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