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Novalogic Game Engine Video – The Transcription

novalogicgameenginetranscription copy

Here is a full transcription of the Novalogic Next Gen Game Engine video footage from 2010. Please note, we have confirmed all voices but one.

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Animations – Angel Falls Project


If you’re a fan of Novalogic games, you’ve probably played the Delta Force franchise and Joint Operations branded games. ¬†Within these games, you might also notice how the movement of your solider seems a bit static, rigid, or stiff.

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Flashback: July 26th 2010


Flashback: July 26th 2010. Fans of Novalogic find a YouTube video posted by a user named: deadshotboom supposedly showing “beta” footage of Novalogic’s new game engine.

It’s been confirmed by Novalogic in a past tweet on twitter, that it is indeed a video showing Novalogic content. It was not confirmed though who exactly deadshotboom is.

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Novalogic’s Next Gen Engine Name Confirmed


Novalogic’s Next Gen Engine was first seen in a youtube video posted back in July of 2010 by some user named deadshotboom. It’s finally been confirmed though our sources that the code name of Novalogic’s Next Gen Engine is titled: HammerHead .

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