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BHD – Is His Site Coming Back Up?


Most of us know what happened in early 2013 when Brent Houston’s website was found littered with screen shots, videos, and other details regarding Novalogic. More specifically their game engine, research, and early designs.

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Director of Design, Alpha Testing, Console Control Schemes, Updated Graphics Exposed


Raven (Brent Houston) Director of Design at Novalogic is looking to work for a “stable” company…..

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Logic Pro – Industry Techniques – Scott Lee


Scott Lee is proud to announce “Logic Pro – Industry Techniques” A new show masterclass, 20 + years experience for both beginners and industry professionals.

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Novalogic Goes Deaf


Novalogic’s Scott Lee aka Dezacrator gone as of September 2010…

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Joint Operations Research Photo Recycled


It appears the menu screen of DFX2 was created using a recycled research photograph taken in 2004…

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