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Why So Many Different Dates?


Why are there different dates each time this concept art is used by Novalogic? Weird, confusing.. and the question remains, how old is the concept art? Let us know what you think by commenting.

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Part 2: Concept Art Within Concept Art?


Hey NovaCommand fans, just thought I would add this small update concening the story we ran on Novalogic’s image that was first posted by them on their facebook page.

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No Watermark Concept Art – Angel Falls

featured image concept art

Got this concept image from the code of the Joint Ops Angel Falls Blog. No watermark here, just a 2012 copyright code bottom right. Novalogic has used this image as a background on twitter, but with a heavy watermark. It’s not a new image, but the nice part is now we can see it in full view, without watermarks.

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Concept Art? Render? In Game Screen? You Decide


Well, this photo was posted on Novalogic’s facebook page back in early spring of 2012. Is this pure concept art, a render, or a screenshot? Or is it a mixture of everything? You decide. Let us know your opinions!

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