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@NovalogicInc Tweets @NovaCommandNews


Novacommand News tweeted today regarding our latest story about Mr. Garcia’s new venture in a company called Disruptive Technologies. In our tweet we tagged @Novalogicinc . A while later we noticed a response from Novalogic…. well sort of.

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NovaWorld Comment Problem/FIXED – UPDATED


NovaWorld Comment Problem – Ignored For 3 Days… NEW UPDATE. Maintenance time!

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NovaLogic JO Test Server Still MIA


NovaLogic JO Test Server Still Missing In Action For A Month And A Half…

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Novalogic’s Rhetoric Increases


Novalogic’s rhetoric increases as community fans ask simple questions that deserve a straight shot answer. Hopefully, if Angel Falls does get released, we’ll see some straight shooting from the weapons..

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Community Voice – Take Action Now!


Have you ever posted something on Novaworld that simply got buried by trolls or nonsense posts? Have you been keeping your thoughts to yourself rather then posting on Novaworld? I am sure we’ve all become frustrated at times because you have something that needs to be read by someone who can make a difference. Get your voice heard…

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