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NovaLogic JO Test Server Still MIA


NovaLogic JO Test Server Still Missing In Action For A Month And A Half…

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NovaCommand Forces Novalogic To Speak After 3 Weeks of Silence


After 3 weeks of silence, NovaCommand forces response from Novalogic regarding the Joint Ops test server…

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Joint Ops Test Servers TKO’d?


That lovely sound of crickets has joined the Novaworld community again…

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Tech Problems On New JO Test Servers


Tech Problems On New JO Test Servers. Read what Novalogic has to say about it…

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Novalogic Is Slower Then My Grandmother


Novalogic Slower Then My Grandmother, and she has alzheimer’s…

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Sorceror12 Rants On Novaworld


Sorceror 12 Rants on Novaworld… yes I will toot my own horn.

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