Who’s Who On Novaworld? Gold Members In Hiding?


After posting a few oddities with support emails going to suspended accounts on Novaworld and other company emails attached to Novaworld profiles belonging to an ex-programmer and the CEO, we had more interesting events occur on 9/13/2012.

A user on Novaworld named, Scharnhorst appeared to be logging in on a regular basis in late afternoons and evenings. He currently doesn’t have any posts or friends on his list but is a gold member.

His profile states : Member since April 4th, 2012.  Thanks to Novaworld’s search function, you can search for members and really narrow down who you want to find. A simple clicking to “search by email” and entering: “@novalogic.com” will bring up around 80′ish accounts that are attached to a novalogic.com email.

In doing this, I saw user Scharnhorst and thought it was interesting that there is not “staff” or “mod” tagged next to his name.  Next, I found that the email attached to this users account was: production@novalogic.com . I found this quite interesting.

Next, is a series of events that occurred the evening of 9/13/2012. I went to Scharnhorst’s profile and simply typed:  ”umm. german dude, this isn’t good to see in the forums production@novalogic.com” . German people, don’t take offense. This guys profile is based off a German general of the prussian service back in the late 1700′s. Also, my family has roots to Germany so no emails please, lol.

Below, you will find a screenshot of my comment posted on Scharnhorst’s profile. Click to enlarge.

I made sure to post this comment when he was online and you will see why. Literally, within 2-3 minutes my comment was deleted. Thus proving Scharnhorst isn’t your typical Gold member.

In the screen below, you will see his profile again but with the comment already deleted. Click to enlarge.

Also take note Wupass – Jason Tull had just viewed Scharnhorst’s profile right before I had come back to check my comment. You can see NW user, Matt with a previous comment showing a German battleship. Nice ship!

Please take note: NOTICE THE AGE CHANGE IN PROFILE FROM 25 to 17, must of been done during email changeover.

It seems at this time, even the US government is more transparent then Novalogic… and that isn’t saying much. All of us at NovaCommand were checking our insider sources late into the night and think we uncovered something intriguing to say the least.

When you get a chance, stop by Scharnhort’s community profile on Novaworld and say hello or eh… Guten Tag!

Just a quick follow up to this story, it appears Scharnhorst has changed his email as a search no longer brings his profile up when using the production@novalogic.com . Also, his age has gone back to 25 as it was originally.

Your thoughts? Discuss?

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Who’s Who On Novaworld? Gold Members In Hiding?
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24 Responses to “Who’s Who On Novaworld? Gold Members In Hiding?”

  1. Nicholas Kingsley says:

    I wonder what Novaworld employee’s actually do (if anything). I presume they may occasionally play a game, and in the case of Wupass, make one post a month, but the company seems to be a hive of inactivity…

    Where are they getting money to keep the company running from ? I doubt that people are buying millions of copies of DFX 1,JO etc etc still…

    Are EA putting in lots of money to keep everything going ? If so, why ?

    Do Novalogic still have military contracts ?

    Perhaps the rumours of just 4 employees are true…

    Novalogic seems to be a very weird company – able to keep in business by not doing anything, having very minimal contact with customers and no updating anything…

  2. stompem says:

    He cannot possibly be 17, execution of syntax is too advanced. Who could pick this game up and run with it with some time in the ranks first?

  3. oldfox says:

    How well do you think Scharnhorst is going to do ??
    His posting about a new test server for JO’s
    but you can’t get a connection to the update server and use this update http://www.novalogic.com/updatedetail.asp?ID=39&GameKey=JOTR
    and if you try to get Nile from novalogic ( for me )your anti-virus won’t let it install ?

    I know it’s holiday time but it’s not a very good start . :-(

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  5. Ninjaman says:

    Well, whoever he is, he was playing in the BCU DFX2 Public server this evening – I have the SS. lol

  6. SuperSixFour says:

    holy crap, what is this, so many fakes??? nice work S12.

  7. oldfox says:

    ” Thanks to Novaworld’s search function, you can search for members and really narrow down who you want to find. A simple clicking to “search by email” and entering: “@novalogic.com” will bring up around 80′ish accounts that are attached to a novalogic.com email.”

    It looks as if this option has been blocked all i get is :-


    No members found with the current search filter.”

    Being lazy copyed and pasted

    ” No members found with the current search filter”
    But it also shows

  8. Ru the Boatswain says:

    This is kinda creepy.

  9. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    My thought? Nova only hires assholes.

  10. Couq says:

    When do you figure out that these guys are having a blast pulling you around like a dog for sausages… ;-)

  11. Matt73 says:

    Yeah I’m half German myself :). Good find on sorcerors part.

  12. illuminator says:

    Nice find. The germans are everywhre. I’m german too. German community is watching you. So, watch out! ;)

    Do you know guys, where the name “Scharnhorst” is come frome? It’s the name of the battleship in his profile. Launching in 1939, sunk 1943.


    Ok, let’s visit his profile and check he’s a real german. *g

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