NovaLogic Inc. – The End Has Arrived – VP Gone

bye bye

NovaLogic Inc. – The End Has Arrived – VP Gone and now doing programming, game engine and computer work for Walt Disney..

Kyle Freeman, Novalogic’s VP and Lead Programmer who spent 20 years at Novalogic is now working for Walt Disney Imagineering.

See LinkedIn profile here

Below is a cut and paste from LinkedIn itself. It looks like he wasn’t doing much for Nova since 2010. Jason Tull, who also recently was let go from Novalogic appeared to only be moderating the novaworld forums. Kyle Freeman still logs in occasionally to NovaWorld (TheKyle) however it doesn’t appear that he does any moderating.

BYE BYE Novalogic.


Walt Disney Imagineering

 – Present (2 years 8 months)

Technology Consultant


 –  (1 year 7 months)Developed technology demos including game engines and computer vision projects. Installed technology into theme park attractions. Kept very busy and kept clients very happy.

VP, Technology

NovaLogic, Inc.

 –  (20 years)Quickly developed a solo project which the company used to become a publisher. The project, “Comanche:Maximum Overkill” went on to become a major franchise and win numerous industry awards. Promoted to VP of Technology, the highest technology position at a self-described technology company where I oversaw and/or developed the company’s technologies and remained a sole or lead programmer on dozens of major releases.


All of these guys working on Angel Falls are no longer employed by Novalogic Inc.

NovaLogic Inc. – The End Has Arrived – VP Gone
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10 Responses to “NovaLogic Inc. – The End Has Arrived – VP Gone”

  1. DH says:

    Novalogic has moved:

    Check out their new address with i.e. google maps.
    The company seems gotten so small to easily fit in a mailbox. ;-)

  2. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    2 Questions:
    1) Has this story been reposted (direct link, quote, third party independent confirmation) in the Nova forums yet? (I won’t bother looking any more);
    2) Has anyone (former or current NL personnel) reached out to you to verify or refute any of the details or speculation contained in this article?

    Just wondering aloud if this would motivate that asshole Garcia to make any kind of public or semi-public acknowledgement of/to the NL community.

    • Hey Cangaroo, I posted a link and story of this in the novaworld forums the same date this story was posted here on NovaCommand. Within the past couple of days, I attempted to login to NovaWorld to find my VIP Sorceror12 account was wiped, not banned, just wiped.

      It has me as a new member as of 12/1/14, profile settings, and other stuff gone. The only thing that remains from before is my username and purchase history. I also noticed the thread I posted was removed from Novalogic.

      Pretty much verifies everything here and that was posted in the thread. Matt can vouch.

      • Matt73 says:

        I can vouch for Sorceror that he did post evidence on the Novaworld forums. But you know that info like that doesn’t stay long and because of that it seems his account was wiped as a sort of punishment without ban.

  3. Nicholas Kingsley says:

    Cant say they were actually working when the picture was taken anyway :)

    It does make you wonder what they were all doing after DFX 2 came out, especially as it was never really supported beyond one patch and one update for the updater to update. Whilst it didn’t sell well, was so much sunk into it that the next 4 years had to be regarded as a vacation ?

    Wonder if any demos were done, and if so, why they weren’t shown off…

    Novalogic is one weird company; were they can survive by doing nothing…

    The only question remains is how long Novaworld will stay up…

    • Well I do know things were being done for Angel Falls. Assets were being created, set pieces, missions etc but major things regarding playing animations and other “jank” was needing to be fixed and updated but lack of funds prevented this. There was a tech demo and I assume the game was playable in some respect.

      • Nicholas Kingsley says:

        Shame they didn’t release it – or at least test the beta…

        • Nicholas Kingsley says:

          I also wonder who the “Loyal Fan” was. Bet they aren’t so loyal now :)

          • I think they are holding onto a lot of code and work…. still a chance for something to be done. Heck, they could create some sort of funding campaign kickstarter or the like and try to get funds for the game that way and get back on their feet. They would have to be brutally honest and upfront about EVERYTHING, so i don’t think the CEO has the guts to do that.

            They also could let the creative people in the novaworld community have the game, and try and finish it. That is, if you can find the talented peeps who were once around, most have moved on.

            • Nicholas Kingsley says:

              Yes, a Kickstarter could work – if they put in some effort into things – which certainly wouldn’t be Novalogic’s style :)

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