Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014 – UPDATED


Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014…  just happened to look at “who is online” and Wupass was there.

He had not logged in since June 30th, 2014. Is it the last time for him to do so, closing his account?, help clear out some SPAM and JUNK on the forums… or possibly someone else logging into his account? .

Either someone is logging into Wupass’s Account or he is helping in spare time MOD the forums.

NovaCommand tweeted this on September 2nd:

@novalogicinc – user on novaforums embeds sound files in post, no moderation. #SHUTITDOWN

A Novaworld user, Thunderbird -SoF had a audio TeamSpeak embed as a signature on his profile which automatically played audio each time you viewed a page he posted upon. I also sent Wupass a comment with this link to his page and low and behold the audio signature embed on Thunderbird’s account is removed.

Updated: Not only was the signature with audio embed removed, it appears Thunderbird’s account was removed…? Nicely done.


Thanks Nova… er Wupass… ?

Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014 – UPDATED
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4 Responses to “Wupass Logged Into Novaworld 9/3/2014 – UPDATED”

  1. oldfox says:

    Sorry missed this part ….. He had not logged in since June 30th, 2014. ;-(

  2. oldfox says:

    PM from wupass …. From Wupass On 03/21/2014 10:46:43 ??

    So he must have logged in since then ?
    I still have the PM .

  3. Shame that another idiot has embedded a different sound file in a post… Unfortunately it is going to get worse (and it has been pretty bad for years), if forum dwellers know that there is no-one to monitor the forums (Wupass’s meagre appearances at least did something useful).

  4. Matt73 says:

    The presence of Wupass still haunts the forums! I’m sure even though he doesn’t officially work(as far as we know) for Novalogic, doesn’t mean he can’t log into his account and so some moderation from time to time. He’s been with Nova too long just to walk away so sudden, even with the current nova situation. That’s how I see it but most might see it different.

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