18 Years – Thanks Wupass


After 18 long years, the Novaworld Community waves goodbye and wishes Wupass the best of luck in the future.

We received word (keeping sources private) that Mr. Jason Tull (Wupass) is no longer with Novalogic Inc. Wupass was a video game artist, forum leader and a big part of Novalogic’s gaming dating all the way back to 1996.

NovaCommand and the Novaworld community hope that he finds a company that can utilize his talents and take advantage of his passion for video games. Thank You Wupass for all you have done.



18 Years – Thanks Wupass
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8 Responses to “18 Years – Thanks Wupass”

  1. Ninjaman says:

    Best of luck Wup – thanks for your help over the years.

  2. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    I wish I could be counted among those that are sad at his departure, but I am not. I think he contributed a lot to the problems at Nova with their lack of PR and communication. In fact, the simple act of him staying at Nova provided much false hope where it was not warranted. Never once did he hint at any problems at NL, nor indicate to the many hangers-on that they were wasting their time. He watched friend after friend, colleague after colleague, either leave or get unceremoniously dismissed without making a peep. If he was friendly with any of them, it amounted to a stab in the back every time it happened.

    I know about the NDA, etc. But there were ways.

  3. Kesha F1 says:

    It so sad read about it! :-( I don’t want close Novalogic. :-(

  4. Kesha F1 says:

    Oh my god! Wupass, if you read this: thank you very much for all our good years with Nova games. Take care and i hope you find new good job!

  5. Keeler says:

    Scharnhorst and Wupass last login at Novaworld is 30.06.2014. Perhaps Scharnhorst has gone too.

    Is there still any chance of releasing Angel Falls ?

    • Yes, appears as though Scharnhorst is also out. He was only there a year, year and a half it appears.

      The problem with release Angel Falls now at least with what was completed before, is that it would be very outdated. To Nova gamers, it might feel and look better then what we are use to regarding Novalogic games but for people who would be new to the game it could be a big let down.

      Novalogic appears to have gotten caught in chasing the latest and greatest tech and was never able to achieve what is needed.

  6. CC R says:

    Damn, he will be missed! There can only be One, thank you Wupass for all you have done!!!
    Good luck with what ever you descide to do!

  7. Matt73 says:

    Damn shame to see him go but the best of luck to him in the future.

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