Novalogic Doubles Bandwidth on Old Game Servers


The past week and a half Novalogic has announced some serious server maintenance which should result in double the bandwidth on game servers for BHD, JO and others…

From a tweet on June 29th:

Increasing NovaLogic bandwidth today, continuing through tomorrow. Some or all NW servers and site features will be down.

BHD game servers are up, still working on the others. Please bear with us, this change should result in double the bandwidth.

Interesting that they would bother doing this for old game servers… a person could take this two ways.

  1. Increase demand/ number of players in the older games requires this upgrade
  2. Preparing for something new in the near future….
Novalogic Doubles Bandwidth on Old Game Servers
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7 Responses to “Novalogic Doubles Bandwidth on Old Game Servers”

  1. So they do this “massive” upgrade and now Wupass and Scharnhorst are MIA on the forums since June 30th… Kyle Freeman and Mr. Garcia have logged on within the past week or two though.. odd.

  2. Perhaps they are trying to keep current users in the mad/vain/desperate/unwitting/inappropriate/cynical (delete as appropriate) hope that said players/users/idiots/loners/geriatrics (delete as appropriate) would spend, spend, SPEND on the Novalogic website.

    It’s also possible that they needed to spend money before some end-of-tax-cycle starts/ends otherwise they might be clobbered with a tax bill.

    It doesn’t really make sense otherwise to upgrade bandwidth on games that must have fewer than several hundred players now unless its for tax reasons. After all, it wouldn’t entice new players, and certainly wouldn’t bring back old(er) ones.

  3. Ninjaman says:

    As usual with Nova, it is only them doing things like this on odd occasions that keep me believing that they really must still be doing something behind the scenes. Why are the games and the forums still here otherwise?

    • Agreed. You don’t just updated your hardware and double bandwith for your servers on games that are 10 years old, or older. Even DFX2 is 5 years already.

      With the forums virtually stale, I cannot seem the games being populated enough to warrant something like this just because.

    • oldfox says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised with a revamped BHD or JO !!
      :-0 Surely not both ?

  4. oldfox says:

    Lets hope it’s the second . ;-)

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