Part 2. DF/JO Confusion… Is This The Soon To Be Announced Blog?


Well…. where do I start? Perhaps you should read this article just to refresh yourself,  or if you haven’t been in the loop, please read this article so you’ll at least have a clue!

Back in April, on the 17th to be exact, The Ice Man made a post on Novaworld. Here is a brief portion of it:

“We will also be implementing a new NovaWorld User Agreement (EULA) and enhanced communications with our customers via NovaWorld, Twitter, Facebook, and a soon to be announced Blog.  These steps will mark the beginning of a better coordinated approach to deliver new products and services” .

It looks like I may have very well uncovered their “soon to be announced” Blog. Since Novalogic has not shared publicly this blog, one would think that this is or was going to be it. Before I post the blog, please note that Novalogic does have an official blog which has virtually been abandoned.

Here is their old blog, started back in 2009 to help promote Delta Force Xtreme 2. It was put together by a marketing company called, Strike Marketing with blog posts written by Jen of Strike Marketing, and Daqamagik, who is Alex Gilman (Novalogic’s Past Associate Producer).

Now, back to this “soon to be announced” blog by our beloved, The Ice Man. This blog seems to apparently be to help promote a specific game/title. From a marketing standpoint, this is a good way to help brand a product. When you create a niche blog like this, it can be used to direct all content towards the one single product rather then many. Focus is key when attempting to market a new product.

Sorry to keep you hanging with the blog link. Before I post it, keep in mind the following things.


HERE IS THE “SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED BLOG”, the one that still exists. Take note, it uses the same background image seen on Novalogic, Novaworld, the Twitter account of Novalogic. Also, this background image is more clear and untouched compared to how it shows up in other areas that Novalogic uses it. This brings me to believe that this is a blog setup by Novalogic and not some fan, or outsider. They wouldn’t have access to an image like this. - PLEASE NOTE: ONCE AGAIN WE SEE Joint Ops Angel Falls. There is no Delta Force Angel Falls blogspot blog.

We haven’t heard from The Ice Man since that posting on April 17th, about a “Soon To Be Announced Blog”. Now you can see why, there are no posts to date…. this NDA has to end… or the court case of Novalogic VS Activision has to settle. The community deserves better!

Digging through the blog code, I have uploaded the complete background image found there. Click on it to get full size.


Part 2. DF/JO Confusion… Is This The Soon To Be Announced Blog?
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16 Responses to “Part 2. DF/JO Confusion… Is This The Soon To Be Announced Blog?”

  1. oldfox says:

    Carnage… Prizes…Glory!

    AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – June 30, 2009 – Calling all squads!!! Novalogic® is pleased to partner with Orb Security in announcing the 1st Annual Novalogic Squad Challenge featuring Delta Force®: Xtreme™ 2 (DFX2). This squad-based tournament will test their teamwork, strategy, and reflexes as they battle for superiority in DFX2. Prizes will be awarded for the following top teams: ”

    Are these tournaments still happening ? :-0

  2. oldfox says:

    The idea of DF and JO does sound good a bit of both worlds .

  3. Matt73 says:

    I agree with Coley. A mix of both DF and JO would be interesting. CQB fights in towns and long distance engagements in valleys. Its hard to guess what a game is going to feel like just by a couple random screenshots and artwork. So you’ll never know until you see a actuall gameplay video or a beta.

  4. Coley says:

    I personally like aspects from both Df and Jo, so i think it would be good to incorperate both into the one title.

    Since playing BHD quite a lot and Jo a heck of a lot Ive grown to like the battles of bhd with carbines and rushing zones as a medic, all the way to using apc’s and tanks to take bases and advance in Jo:E. i prefer to be a rifleman but when moving from bhd to jo, in order to get better you had to adapt to the new surroundings and weapons. I think all in all it made me a better and more aware player, so DF or JO or both work for me.

  5. Ninjaman says:

    Nice find Eddie – possibly a chink of light at the end of the tunnel?

    • eddyray says:

      Hey Ninjaman, thanks for stopping by and your comment! wish it was a ray of light rather than a chink lol. Would love for Novalogic to officially communicate with us to confirm whether Angel Falls is JO or DF.

  6. eddyray says:

    Thanks Matt, I think the concept art in full view like this really makes the imagination run wild as to how this game will look and play.

  7. Matt73 says:

    Thanks for uploading the full version of this concept art, Eddy. I’m with you guys. It doesn’t matter if its a Joint Ops or Delta Force at this point. The community just wants to see a new Nova game released this year! Hey Super. :)

  8. SuperSixFour says:

    nice job and hello all ;)

  9. Whether it be DFAF or JOAF, I’m not particularly bothered. I just want them to get this released and at least keep us Informed about the going’s on.

    • eddyray says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I think most just want a new game update graphics, and hopefully Nova can build upon it and do better things down the road too.

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